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Elizabeth Baldwin Cook
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

One year... Caroline is ONE...

HeLLo OnE YeAr OLD! (11/29/2014)
Miss Caroline Frances Baldwin is 30.5 Inches, Weights 21 pounds.
Caroline had an awesome Winter ONEderland Birthday party with family and friends.  She was spoiled with gifts and love.
Caroline, Buck and Sawyer Ann playing! 
 Caroline's Howard Cousins
 Caroline LOVES her some Grizzly... and he is the sweetest big dog
 Ellie and Grandfather
November came and went in a blink of an eye.  We had so much fun doing everything from "camping" at Sequec (Caroline and I hung out by the fire until bedtime and then went home. Ellie stayed with David, James and her cousins.) 
 I think Caroline is starting to build a little personality that may resemble mine... (scary YES)
 But she does entertain me!
We did it! We dropped the last bottle and Caroline is solely on whole milk out of a sippy cup after slowly making the transfer with half formula and half milk.
Ellie on Grandaddy's Tractor, I'd say it's a little rusty.
 Caroline and Ellie were able to see Grandmommy around Thanksgiving one last time before she passed away.  We had a really good visit and Ellie had a tea party with Grandmommy.
 Silly sisters! <3
We also got some family pictures done, so much better than going somewhere and having them taken at a studio!
Some of my favorite time are just lazy days 

Mexican night... Fresh Guacamole, yes please!
More pictures (as if I haven't posted enough)
Also BIG MONTH! Ellie moved out of her crib to a big girl bed and with the help of an light up alarm clock it was a success! (I have been dreading the day she climbed out of her crib, but at 4 months shy of her 3rd Birthday I think we did well)
We got to test out some beds at Toys R Us.. I am glad I went instead of Daddy or we would have a corvette bed in our room with the canopy bed...

 Lazy days at home and walking over to see the horses are the best!
We also went to the Colonial Cup with Ellie.  Mama Cook kept Caroline since it was FREEZING outside.
 Lil Miss Priss found this old dress in her closet and had to wear it again... Flashback

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