Elizabeth Baldwin Cook

Elizabeth Baldwin Cook
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

One year... Caroline is ONE...

HeLLo OnE YeAr OLD! (11/29/2014)
Miss Caroline Frances Baldwin is 30.5 Inches, Weights 21 pounds.
Caroline had an awesome Winter ONEderland Birthday party with family and friends.  She was spoiled with gifts and love.
Caroline, Buck and Sawyer Ann playing! 
 Caroline's Howard Cousins
 Caroline LOVES her some Grizzly... and he is the sweetest big dog
 Ellie and Grandfather
November came and went in a blink of an eye.  We had so much fun doing everything from "camping" at Sequec (Caroline and I hung out by the fire until bedtime and then went home. Ellie stayed with David, James and her cousins.) 
 I think Caroline is starting to build a little personality that may resemble mine... (scary YES)
 But she does entertain me!
We did it! We dropped the last bottle and Caroline is solely on whole milk out of a sippy cup after slowly making the transfer with half formula and half milk.
Ellie on Grandaddy's Tractor, I'd say it's a little rusty.
 Caroline and Ellie were able to see Grandmommy around Thanksgiving one last time before she passed away.  We had a really good visit and Ellie had a tea party with Grandmommy.
 Silly sisters! <3
We also got some family pictures done, so much better than going somewhere and having them taken at a studio!
Some of my favorite time are just lazy days 

Mexican night... Fresh Guacamole, yes please!
More pictures (as if I haven't posted enough)
Also BIG MONTH! Ellie moved out of her crib to a big girl bed and with the help of an light up alarm clock it was a success! (I have been dreading the day she climbed out of her crib, but at 4 months shy of her 3rd Birthday I think we did well)
We got to test out some beds at Toys R Us.. I am glad I went instead of Daddy or we would have a corvette bed in our room with the canopy bed...

 Lazy days at home and walking over to see the horses are the best!
We also went to the Colonial Cup with Ellie.  Mama Cook kept Caroline since it was FREEZING outside.
 Lil Miss Priss found this old dress in her closet and had to wear it again... Flashback

Friday, October 31, 2014

11 months...

Miss Personality...

So it has finally hit me, my baby is almost one year old... Next post I might be in denial that Caroline is officially one year old.  This past month we managed to cram a good bit of things in and had a little time for a couples’ weekend to Clemson. 
The Fair was in town and the weather was amazing!
  Ellie and Caroline went to their 1st Carolina Gamecock tailgate for Homecoming against Furman.  The girls had a great time and we could not have asked for better weather.  It was HOT for mid-October!!
Emily and Ellie playing.
 After spending time with the Gamecocks the next weekend we ran up to Presbyterian College for homecoming (10 years…) with the girls, Caroline and Jordan.  The weather was great again.  We had such a great time catching up with some friends I hadn’t seen in years and lots of kids! Caroline was a trooper and did well all day from 10 am til 5 pm headed to tailgate and back home.  (As long as she has something to munch on she’s one content girl) – Her favorite snack are the toddler/crawler cheesy puffs and Ellie tends to sneak if we are not paying attention. 
How adorable are Stewart and Ellie!! (even matching)Our Zeta family! <3
Our guests for the weekend, Caroline and Jordan were great trooper for the weekend entertaining the girls!!
Caroline's cousin, Hugh, had his 2nd Birthday at Little Gym and the girls had so much fun.  Mainly Ellie but Caroline loves to watch everyone and everything around her.

The girls also got to go to the Pumpkin Patch with their friends with Miss Amber!

We are trying to wean Caroline from the Paci, and it isn’t that she uses the paci all the time she just uses it to calm down at night or when she’s getting in the car. Amber (childcare lady) has started taking the paci away from early morning and seems to be doing well… Not sure how this will play out since Ellie never used a paci.
Happy Halloween!
Recycled Halloween outfit...
All the kids dressed up at Ambers.[Bradley, Hannah, Ellie, Gaberella, McKenna, and Caroline]
More treats than tricks at the moment. Caroline was a good sport when we went to Boo at the Zoo for Ellie since her bedtime is at 6:30 pm and Boo at the Zoo starts at 6pm, but as long as she’s being entertained or fed Caroline was good. The girls loved the Zoo at night and got to hang out with their cousins and friends.
The cousins got to play at the zoo!
Sawyer Ann and Caroline also got to play at the Zoo, too.
Had a little fun with the google App... Trenholm and Lauren entertained me!
We also went around the neighborhood with the girls in the golf cart. Ellie had fun running up to all the houses and Caroline was dressed as a Skelton just laughing and giggling at everything.

 Leave David alone with the girls and look what they get into Saturday morning... 
Weekend fun!

hiding from the dinosaurs
Just being silly...

OVER all a great month, minus the Flu Shot and almost ear infections that kept her and me up a good bit. *Side note - Vapor rub the organic baby friendly one works really good, I just rubbed it on her PJ’s at night and seems to help with a humidifier.
Also Caroline is holding her own bottle, which works out perfectly when its EARLY in the morning and she doesn't want to be changed... She feeds herself while clean diaper and clothes are put on.
 Clemson for the weekend with the Links!